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Since 1996

Since 1996

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At Thogmartin Cattle Co. we believe in providing the best possible meats to our customers. We are a fourth-generation operation based in Newton County, Missouri. We offer free delivery on all orders within a 75-mile radius of Joplin, Missouri.

Our brood cows are the backbone of our operation. Most of them are multi-generation, meaning we raised them, their mothers, and several of their grandmothers on our farm. The cows are primarily Angus influenced and are bred to Angus or Hereford bulls.

 Once our cattle is a year old we sort them between breeding, feeding, or shipping. Cattle selected for feeding are moved into a feeding pen where they are transitioned slowly to a finishing ration we developed with an animal nutritionist. This process takes AT LEAST 120 days to reach the optimal harvest weight of 1,200 to 1,300 pounds which yields an approximate carcass weight of 700 pounds. This process creates a delicious product for our customers.

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All things cattle. We’ve got steaks of all cuts, amazing roasts, and premium quality hamburger!


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*We currently only provide delivery within a 75 mile radius of Joplin, Missouri.

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